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Porcupine Mountains Music Festival 2018

Last weekend I drove over to Ontanogan, Michigan to participate in the Porcupine Mountains Music Festival located in the state park up there. Peg Carrothers of The Mud Creek Warblers pulled some strings and got me a slot on the Busking Stage on Saturday afternoon. It was well attended and I was well-received. I met a lot of good people that weekend and had a great time camping, swimming, and watching Fred Eaglesmith and Charlie Parr play on the main stage. 10/10 would play again.

Sekoitus, Farm Block, Art on the Rocks (7/28/16-7/31/16)

John Davey & the Ancient Urge had a packed weekend and we're all resting up. I wish I would've got more snaps, especially from Sekoitus, but I've included some taken by Jesse DeCaire and Taylor Freeman. All the rest were taken by me. 

Sekoitus Fest was so fun and we wished we could've stuck around for all of the festivities. 

Farm Block was a treat. Great weather, old friends, new acquaintances, good food, fun set, some exploring of Keewenaw spots, delicious food, powerfully good bands, lots of laughs, and I had the pleasure of riding up with my treasure of a fiance with the windows down. Highlights music-wise: M. Sord, Big Dudee Roo, After Ours, The Go Rounds, Kansas Bible Company. JD&theAncientUrge also did a quick recording for The River Street Anthology. We missed Mostly Midwest. 

Art on the Rocks. We drove back on Saturday night after all the fun on FarmBlock Saturday was over. We were up and at 'em early on Sunday to load gear down to Lower Harbor. Despite some heavy noise restrictions and being about a thousand yards from the nearest electrical outlet, the show went on and it ended up being a good exercise in adaptability for the band. I don't know if we'll ever play as subdued a set or two as we did at Art on the Rocks, but I loved it. Shout out to our buddy Greg Sandell who, out of the damned goodness of his heart, lent us gear, helped us load it into the festival, set stuff up, ran cords, coordinated and was supportive in every way. He is the man. His mug is that last photo in the set. 

Love ya.